Bad Reviews: Don't Panic!

How to deal with bad reviews

Rick Zhou August 7, 2018

As a new seller at Amazon platform, the most important thing is the timely feedback of a customer's experience. Cultivating a strong five-star feedback rating is the key to our selling experience on Amazon—both for improving buyer perception of our product listing, and for improving the placement of our products on the offer listing page. Hence, the operation statics of our store needs to be monitored constantly as positive and negative feedback will directly affect our sales performance. When a customer review is less than 3 stars, we need to solve the problem right away.

One Star Review

Well obviously our products aren’t perfect, no one’s is, but I wanted to see if these bad reviews were warranted. I was never really exposed to this raw form criticism and to understand these reviews popping up, I looked up one of the most popular products on Amazon. With over 7,000 one star reviews, I was reassured that maybe one star reviews are just constant of life like Black Friday or 5 dollar footlongs. No matter what you do, there is always a chance to receive a bad review, especially for consumer electronic products. Some items don’t work properly; some just break apart during shipping, and other time customers just give a bad review for the sake of giving a bad review. All that matters is that I have determined to improve customer experience through a number of more optimized after-sales customer services.

Clock Stand White

Once I knew those factors that may cause bad reviews, I did the following to mitigate the impact:

  1. Tried to contact customers who left negative reviews and found out the root cause of the problem
  2. Asked if the customers want to receive a replacement product. Most time the customers were willing to get a replacement product and try it again. After that, some customers were happy with the replacement product and did update their reviews.
  3. Contact product manufautureer and add new steps in QA process to test product
  4. Redesign packaging to reduce the chance of being damgaed during shipping or handling


Rick Zhou

Co-Founder of Znewtech