Customer Service

The Customer is ALWAYS Right

Rick Zhou September 19, 2018

Learning this the hard way. As a high school student, I was always taught that right was right and wrong is wrong; I never really understood the gray area and how being right is not necessarily the correct course of action. But in the business world, even the most absurd answers are always right, especially if it comes from a customer. Customer service was something that I could not grasp when we first operated. For example, sometimes customers were asking dumb questions or complained on the reviews, even though instructions and explanations were clearly written on the website. Customer Service

One of the benefits of partnering with Amazon is we associate with the brand’s top-notch reliability and customer service. As a new seller, we start with the benefit of Amazon’s built-in credibility and build our process to follow its large footprint.

  1. Serve the Needs of the Customer
    During the design and evaluation of a product, stop thinking about how you can make the product better and start thinking about how you can make your customers more satisfactory.

  2. Respect Today’s Customer
    Today’s customer is listening to peers, researching heavily online and posting complaints on social media. Put in the work and research so that you fully understand your customer base and never take them for granted.

  3. Set up alerts for bad reviews
    By promptly responding to one-star reviews it shows your desire to find solutions.

  4. Don’t Be Afraid to Apologize
    Apologizing is embarrassing and frustrating; but a solid, heartfelt apology is true representation that you care about the needs of the customer. Often time, they respond positively.

Customer Service


Rick Zhou

Co-Founder of Znewtech