How It All Began

How It All Began

Rick Zhou October 22, 2017

Hey Alexa! Whaaaattttt timeeeeeeeee…. Ugh.. [yawn] ….. Forget it, where’s my phone? AAhh!! I can’t see anything...

This was my daily morning ritual. I was genuinely exhausted when I had to wake up every morning and couldn’t just look next to me to see the time -- and instead had to use my grouchy and groggy voice to ask Alexa… (Alexa: I didn’t quite catch that…)

Sure, I found Alexa quite helpful. She was my partner in crime. She knew the answers to everything. But don’t you just have those days when you don’t really want to talk? Those mornings, when all you want is cereal on your lap and maybe some hot pancakes? With no talking? No conversation? Just you, and a bowl of Cheerios?

Creative Idea

It all started on that fateful day. I asked myself if there was ANY way that I can stop asking that woman what time it is in the morning. After a few weeks of this constant contemplation, I decided to do something about it. I check the only place I know that has the world in just a click of a button: Amazon. “Clock stand”, I typed many variations of this in the search bar: Clock holder for Echo Dot; Something that tells time Echo Dot without talking to it; etc. I tried them all. Needless to say, I wasn’t successful. How about building one myself – my dad suggested a brilliant idea that I never thought was possible before? Action… My life as an entrepreneur starts here.


Rick Zhou

Co-Founder of Znewtech