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Amazon Seller Support

Good News and Bad News

Rick Zhou January 17, 2019

Good News: We were sold out of Znewtech Clock Stands for Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Geneneration) in 2018 holiday season...

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Amazon Seller Support

Working with Amazon Seller Support Teams

Rick Zhou November 26, 2018

Our good time with Amazon.com ended on October 17, 2018 after we received the following email from Amazon Seller Performance Team...

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Customer Service

Customer Service: The Customer is ALWAYS Right

Rick Zhou September 19, 2018

Learning this the hard way. As a high school student, I was always taught that right was right and wrong is wrong; I never really understood the gray area and how being right is not necessarily the correct course of action. But in the business world, even the most absurd answers are always right, especially if it comes from a customer.

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Customer Review

Bad Reviews: Don't Panic!

Rick Zhou August 7, 2018

Bad Review

As a new seller at Amazon platform, the most important thing is the timely feedback of a customer's experience. Cultivating a strong five-star feedback rating is the key to our selling experience on Amazon—both for improving buyer perception of our product listing, and for improving the placement of our products on the offer listing page.

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Znewtech Clock Stand

The World's First Clock Stand for Amazon Echo Dot

Rick Zhou April 18, 2018

Throughout my journey of designing, manufacturing and marketing the product, there were up and downs and many things I need to learn. Let’s start with development process. I first had to create a prototype or at least how the product looked like. Hmmmmm. How should I make a clock stand for the Echo Dot?

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Echo Dot

How It All Began?

Rick Zhou October 22, 2017

Hey Alexa! Whaaaattttt timeeeeeeeee…. Ugh.. [yawn] ….. Forget it, where’s my phone? AAhh!! I can’t see anything...

This was my daily morning ritual. I was genuinely exhausted when I had to wake up every morning and couldn’t just look next to me to see the time -- and instead had to use my grouchy and groggy voice to ask Alexa… (Alexa: I didn’t quite catch that…)

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What is Znewtech?

Rick Zhou June 11, 2017

What began is a father-son project after weeks of conversation, soon blossomed into what is now known as Znewtech: a small business with the mission of innovating add-on products to bring convenience and efficiency to households worldwide.

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