What is Znewtech?

Rick Zhou June 11, 2017

What began is a father-son project after weeks of conversation, soon blossomed into what is now known as Znewtech: a small business with the mission of innovating add-on products to bring convenience and efficiency to households worldwide. Our first product was the Echo Dot clock stand for the users who want to simply look at a clock to tell the time instead of asking it to tell you the time (check out my second post to hear the story behind it all). It also doubles as the Echo Dot holder, making it both safe and sturdy (for people who might have children).

Combining great technology, expertise, and creativity to solve real-world problems and provide innovative products and services to our customers.
Consumer Electronics

Now, as I work on several new projects (many to hit the stores soon), I’m excited to solve seemingly insignificant inconveniences in many households through new technology and innovation.


Rick Zhou

Co-Founder of Znewtech